A list of references is available upon request, but here are a few reviews from current clients.


Matt Walks Dogs is the best! My husband and I completely trust them! Matt is great with our dog Brandy and has taken the time to socialize her more for us without even asking! She is doing much better with other dogs now and can even go on the Friday fun days with the other dogs! We are relieved to know Brandy is in good hands while we are at work. At times when we ended up being pretty late he has even taken her to his house to play with his dog so she wouldn’t be by herself that long! We are very happy with Matt! Also very appreciative and grateful for everything he does for Brandy and to help us out!

-Julie H.




Matt Walks Dogs is amazing with Luna! They are responsible and dependable. The best part is that they email me daily to let me know where and how much Luna walked. They make great use of apps to track this and to stay in contact. They have even emailed photos to me on Fun Fridays. I love that they go above and beyond to take my pup on a great hike with other dogs each week. Matt has also sent me links that were very informative and spend time talking with me about training needs and philosophies. I know that Luna is in good hands on her daily walks, and that I can trust Matt Walks Dogs with her when I go away overnight. They have picked Luna up and dropped her off whenever I needed to go away. She couldn’t be more excited to see Matt and walk with the other dogs which is a real treat for an active dog.

-Nicole G.



I’ve worked with animals for a number of years and have seen a lot of trainers. I contacted Matt Walks Dogs because I was having some issues with my problem puppy, Gus, that I couldn’t fix. Matt has calmly and professionally worked with Gus, even when Gus hasn’t been so calm, and I can see Gus’ behavior improve with every session. Matt’s been patient and gentle, being firm without the use of force. I’m as over protective as they come and I completely trust Matt with my dog. Matt has even brought his extremely well-trained dog, Maggie, to sessions to help Gus bond with other dogs and learn to trust people. I would recommend Matt Walks Dogs without hesitation for all of your training/pet sitting needs.




Matt Walks Dogs is reliable, thorough and thoughtful! I never have to worry about our Zoe being taken care of in the afternoon and in the off chance that Matt is unavailable, he let’s me know well in advance so that I can make arrangements. At the end of each day I receive an email from Matt about their walk together and a mapped photo that shows me where they walked, for how long and how far. When we are away, Matt sends comforting updates about Zoe’s stay with him. It is a great relief that when we have to go out of town we can leave her with someone we trust, and know that she gets the care and attention she wouldn’t elsewhere get at a kennel. In fact, he managed to teach her a few commands during her last stay with him. Zoe is a rambunctious 5 1/2 month old Lab mix and he is great with her, I highly recommend Matt Walks Dogs to anyone!

-Kelsey W.



I love my dog Schatzi very much and am so happy I found Matt Walks Dogs – they care for him so well and I honestly have not a single second of worry when I leave Schatzi with them. Matt is the best you can find to take care of your furbaby when you are not around! Matt is reliable, wonderful with dogs and has helped me with advice and recommendations for Schatzi when I needed it. He walked Schatzi, took him for his Friday fun, and also had him for overnight boarding. If it was there, I’d give him even more than a 5 star rating!




Matt has been an amazing pal to my dog Chiku. I am very glad I found Matt to walk Chiku. Matt is reliable, very friendly with dogs and treats them well. The most important thing is Chiku loves Matt and looks forward to walk with him. Friday fun days are amazing for Chiku where he goes on hikes, swims, and plays with his other dog friends. Thanks to Matt for taking care of chiku so well. Everyday I have peace of mind as chiku is taken care of by Matt.