Rescue Groups

There are too many dogs in the world without homes. In order to help get dogs off the streets and into loving homes, Matt, owner of Matt Walks Dogs, donates to these organizations.

Please consider adopting a dog and/or giving to help an organization that rescues them.


Crossing Paths Animal Rescue | Yardley, PA

Matt has a soft spot for this shelter in particular because this is where he adopted Maggie, his 2 year old Beagle Mix. Also, when dealing with Crossing Paths, they have always been very professional, personable and helpful. They are some of the friendliest people you will meet and Matt truly believes in what they are doing to help rescue dogs.

For more information on their particular rescue group visit them at

They always have dogs up for adoption. So if you are looking, they are a good place to start. They offer transports that stop in many local locations.

Crossing Paths is a non-profit organizations. They accept item and monetary donations. If you would like to donate to them or see what items they currently need, visit


Soi Dog Foundation | Thailand

The word ‘Soi’ is Thai for ‘Street’. Matt’s wife, Stephanie, grew up in Thailand and took in many Soi dogs with her family during their 14 years there.

In 2005, Matt took his first trip to Thailand and his heart broke for the dogs on the street. Since then, he has revisited several times and each time Matt & Steph wish they could bring back all the soi dogs that they see.

Soi Dog Foundation helps keep these dogs off the streets and away from the dangers of the ‘Dog Meat Market’.

Not only can you financially support Soi Dog Foundation, but you can adopt a dog from Thailand!

For more information visit:


*Matt Walks Dogs is no way affiliated with Crossing Paths Animal Rescue or Soi Dog Foundation.*

As the business continues to grows, we will be looking for more groups to donate to. If you have an organization that you would like to suggest, please e-mail us.