Pricing & Services

After extensive market research, we offer the most competitive prices so all dogs can get the exercise and attention they need!

Walks – Starting at $17

30 Minute Walk – $17

Hour Walk – $27

Friday Fun Days – $27

A special doggie adventure. Your dog will get at least an hour walk while out in a new environment. This may include trips to Sourland Mountain, the Canal, or Dog Beach.

Overnight Care

Dog walking is our primary service. If you are traveling, we are happy to arrange as many walks as your dog needs and we will feed your dog without extra charge.

In some cases, we are able to provide overnight solutions that include boarding with one of our pet care professionals or having one of our pet care professionals stay in your home while you are away. These services are extremely limited and pricing varies based on service type. For more information or to see if we are available for the dates you need, please just e-mail or call.

For a free consultation and to determine the packages and services best for you call 732.800.1DOG or e-mail