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Dog Park Do’s and Don’ts

The Dog Park can be a great environment for your dog to play, build social skills, and be a part of a community of canine friends OR it can be a nightmare for both pup and owner. In order to make

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Exercise for Dogs

Exercise for Dogs

Exercise for dogs is extremely important. Dogs have been our four-legged companions for thousands of years. They were bred to work along side of us and perform jobs. That need for work must be fulfilled or else they may develop behavioral

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Riding in Cars with Dogs


Riding in the car with your dog can be a great experience. Maybe you have a quick road trip planned, or you just want to visit the beach after reading about my favorite places in New Jersey. In order to get to

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Dog Sports for You and Your Pup

Dog Sports

Dog sports are a great way to continue to build the relationship between you and your pup. It’s especially great for over active dogs because it gives them a constructive way to be challenged both mentally and physically. It’s also good for dogs with fear issues

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My Favorite Dog Friendly Places in New Jersey


The weather is perfect for being outdoors with your favorite furry friend. Here are some of my favorite dog friendly places in New Jersey.

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Tools For an Easy Walk: Leashes, Collars & Harnesses


As a dog walker, I often find myself walking 4 to 5 dogs at a time, sometimes even 8 to 10! That might sound overwhelming for a lot of people. My wife doesn’t understand how I do it. She often

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The Heat is Here | How to Recognize & Treat Overheating in Dogs

The heat is finally upon us again. As an EMT I know, too well, that heat exposure is a dangerous thing. This isn’t just true for us as humans, but also for our canine companions. First, we must be able

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